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Millet porridge with meat in a slow cooker, recipes with photos

That’s always my case.

I have a subject. Which is not important (and clothes, and accessories, and cosmetics, and children’s books, and applications on the tablet – everything, everything falls). And I use it, use it, use it until it’s blue. And then I forget and slaughter, forgive me for slang.

And then time passes, I remember about the subject and use it again, use it until the next stage of oblivion.

What is it for me? Yes to the slow cooker. Last time I talked about how I cooked potatoes in it. And it would seem that the topic has been exhausted. But no! since I uncovered my girlfriend, then wait, homemade, for the next cycle of multi-cook dishes.

Everything is very, very simple. There is pshenka, I wash it and let it dry.

There is an onion – we cut it.
There is a slow cooker – we turn it on, pour it into a bowl of vegetable oil

and throw a bow. Mode we need – Frying, time 10 minutes. Go.

Onion in the process of roasting periodically stir. After 5 minutes add to the onion stuffing. At the very end of the program we all salt and add seasoning (hops –suneli, as for me, perfect).

Now we move to a parallel universe and, while the meat is cooked with onions, we fry millet in a completely dry pan, until the characteristic smell and light brownish color.
In another parallel universe, we put a kettle on the fire.

Why do we need to fry millet. I read that this will leave a slight bitterness peculiar to this rump. Since the bitterness for my taste is not comme il faut, I fry.

Millet is added to the bowl.
The kettle boiled. Why do we need boiling water? I read that if boiling water was poured over the millet, it would leave a slight bitterness inherent in this cereal.

And yes, I repeat.

But better safe than sorry. What of the two methods did not work, but looking ahead I will say that porridge did not taste bitter.

Water flush with cereal.
Turn on the multicooker. And again you can not guess what mode. Ready? Plov – this is already my know-how, in my multicooker, at the very end of such a program, the places adjoining to the bowl are slightly fried. As in the others, I don’t know, but I think that everyone should have one principle. The time is set at ten o’clock

After 40 minutes, check the porridge and, if necessary, add more water, a little less than flush with the grits, but that water was noticeable.

After the end of the program we mix everything up naturally.

What is the porridge? Very, very crumbly, not lumpy and not dresiseny. For me, so superkasha. Yes, and with meat!

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