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Meat pizza, recipes with photos

How do I usually cook pizza? Very simple. I open the fridge and see if I have cheese and something else. This can be anything from a variety of foods: meat, sausages, vegetables, legumes, and more. The main thing is to cover the filling with cheese and prepare the dough, and delicious pizza is provided to you.

Many people sometimes accumulate leftover sausages in the refrigerator. Everything seems to be fresh, but you will not cut the table anymore, and you will not really feed anyone. In such cases, I either cook a hodgepodge or cook a pizza. Today, you guessed it, I chose the second option.

My task was simplified, since I already had a dough. It remains, I do not even remember from what dish, I put it in the freezer, where it was safely stored. The dough is normal, yeast. Recipes can be found on the Internet mass, and even easier to buy a ready-made basis for pizza.

Degree of difficulty – easy enough.

Time for preparing – about an hour.

Chopped onions, I roasted well over moderate heat.

She added tomato sauce to the pan, stirring, poured Provencal herbs and black pepper, salted and turned off after 2 minutes.

She rolled out the dough and laid it in a flour-sprinkled form.

Distributed a mixture of onions and tomato sauce.

Diced sausage.

Added meat ingredients along with ham to the surface of the pizza.

Sprinkled with sliced ​​paprika.

And the last ingredient of any pizza is grated cheese.

Cooked in the oven at a temperature of 220 degrees for about 25 minutes.

Try it and you!

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