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Lamb chops in walnut breading, recipes with photos

Today I accidentally stumbled upon a good piece of lamb in the meat pavilion, so I could not pass by and, going over all the possible recipes that I know, acquired the main product of the future dish.

Even on the way home I was planning to cook an interesting dish with a twist, but quite simple, since I had little time for cooking.

My men, meanwhile, ordered chops, in which the highlight is a nut breading. Walnut goes well with lamb, as well as raisins.

Each piece of salt and pepper to taste. It will not be superfluous to sprinkle hops-suneli meat, but this is optional.

Walnuts are needed in a ground form, so they need to crush or twist through a meat grinder.

My blender broke, so I use the old-fashioned method.

Rusk has the same fate as nuts.

Tip: You can use ready-made breadcrumbs.

Beat the egg and dip a slice of meat in the nuts with crackers, and then in the egg.

Again we pan the meat in nuts.

and send to the pan in vegetable oil. Fry from two sides until ready.

Ready chops serve hot.

I made chops quick spinach salad: Spinach leaves tore into medium sized pieces and seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil and coarse salt to taste. Spinach goes very well with meat.
Enjoy your meal!

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