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French chop recipes with photos

I love to cook, what else to say. And even more I like to pamper my loved ones with something tasty and unusual. I always ask my spouse what to cook for dinner. And as always he answers: At your discretion !. Today for dinner, I decided to make him chops in French for mashed potatoes.

My husband always relies on my taste, knowing that I cook well. But, you see, the monotonous food is very annoying, I want to indulge myself with delicious food. Therefore, so that the dishes are not boring, I experiment and try not to repeat.

So, for my beloved meat eater, my husband, I cook French chops today. Previously, his mother cooked him only ordinary chicken chops, fried in a pan. Well, I’m a wife, I have to love and indulge him more, so that no one doubts that he is hungry.

I take the pork pulp. I love it when myasco is fresh, not from the freezer. But sometimes you don’t have to choose. In today’s case, my cue ball is fresh, only from the counter. And I think pork is great for my dish.

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