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Chops with cheese and sesame, recipes with photos

Beef is not my favorite meat. Somehow the smart part came across, but could not take it in any way – what to cook? And today, on the third day after the purchase, I had to decide. But after all only something tasty needs to be made!

Thinking, I decided to make a chop. Yeah. Already hear your objections, they say, will be tough! Yes, usually beef as a sole. But this, if it is not processed properly. Put together yummy!

Time for preparing: It depends on your strength, with which you beat the meat, and the products that you have or not!

Complexity: what usually happens when cooking chops

Meat … It turned out that it also has a bunch of different films of vomitps. Consider the piece – it should be perfect.

Next, attention – beating. What is difficult? Nothing, if you stuff the meat in a plastic bag – yes to more tightly. I also chose an oblong one to make a piece of two. Here and we will cut on pieces, we will beat.

I forgot to add salt (no, not on purpose, as it happened). But he generously flavored with all sorts of things, including various spices, and then mixed sesame and breading with pepper.

Sliced ​​garlic slices.

Now the pieces of meat must be rolled in our original breading.

Everything, it is possible to heat a frying pan and, having warmed up oil, to send meat to fry. Already roasted beef on both sides? It’s time to put garlic on it. And so – on both sides. Egg is already yesterday. The coat for meat can be made differently – with the help of cheese. I grated it on a coarse grater.

Then sprinkle meat tightly with cheese. And fry, fry – to the crust.

It was something incredible! Not spicy and not sweet. Original and unforgettable. The second piece for some reason came out not so funny. Probably because it is not the first …

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