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Chops in potato coat, recipes with photos

I watched, looked at the pork, bought profitably recently. And I wondered – what can you think of a new one from this piece of meat? Everything seems to be tried. For something like that there are neither conditions nor products. Of course, chops are a win-win. But it already was! So, it is necessary to do as it was not.

What a sin to conceal, fantasy was not enough. Borrowed recipe. But, as usual, did something differently. I confess I cooked two servings. But could not resist. Ate both. I did not even notice! What I will say at once – it is desirable to serve with vegetables, but more.

And further. Formulation – approximate. There you can safely take steps back and forth. I would have to put mustard, for example, put more, but I have no right to substitute the liver. Well, and so on. So let loose imagination, and hold on!

Time for preparing: 10 minutes to prepare and the same – to fry

Complexity: average, because there are downright acrobatic sketches during preparation!

So meat! These are the two pieces I have turned out. I took one to work. Not cut any fat, nothing.

I realized that after beating the meat would become a huge bast – it wouldn’t pass to the pan. So divided in half. At the same time I rubbed them with spices (bought for kebabs). Lightly salted (delicious salt, with herbs). So let it be waited!

Now – the main thing. If this thing turns out nice, then the chop itself will be delicious. Smashed the egg in a plate.

Splitting the egg, I opened a jar of Dijon mustard. I love these pips. By the way, when they are fried, they look funny. Put on the tip of the fork. And you decide for yourself!

Well mix the whole story. And … and then, attention – if the liver can endure, pour all that it can endure. Stir and dip the meat into this mass. Yes, yes, he needs to lie there for a few minutes.

While the meat is soaked with all this beauty, let’s take on the main, in my opinion, ingredient. Breading. No, I’m not about that rusk. From potatoes.

I overclocked and cleaned 2 potatoes, but then I realized – in vain. If I had done this and covered my chops with all this blanket, I would not have received the desired result. After all, frying on a large fire, that would burn everything, and the meat would be inedible. Rub on a coarse grater.

Here, and now, too, not like people. Meat must be repelled. Yes, right now. So that everything around does not fly apart, and the chops come out evenly, we put in a double plastic bag. We do not spare our strength – we beat back, but without fanaticism!

Now add to the potatoes what is left of the dressing for meat. I have left. If you don’t, then do the same again – egg, mustard, spices. Connect with potatoes. We get a sort of breading. Carefully on both sides we impose chops on it.

And now the turn came and this breading. Acrobatic etudes will begin here. Roll need so that the potatoes do not fall. I did it.

Well, now the main thing – proper roasting. That is why I said that potatoes should be in moderation. Pour the oil into the pan. We warm everything up. And fry over high heat, turning only once. Keep your husbands, and yourself, however. Because it seems a little from the first bite!

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