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Baked pork neck, tender, like butter, recipes with photos

Pork neck. In itself, this is a simple soft meat, it is difficult to spoil it. And there is nothing outstanding in spices. But I took a chance and tried out the temperature regime, which paid off so incredibly successfully that I simply dance with impatience to share it. The neck turns soft and tender, like butter, and I hardly exaggerate. Fat she, of course, but all have their flaws.

Another advantage of this neck is the ease of preparation. For example, I resorted to this recipe, when I was left alone for a week with a child, with a child and with intensive work, there is no place for delicacies.

The history of this cervix deserves attention. My dear household gathered to take Grandma Stasya for the summer to the Belarusian forests. We have such a tradition, to send a grandmother to her historic homeland in the forest. Every time we are very nervous, the age is still and all that, but the grandmother is completely happy there, she comes home, tanned, fit, athletic, full of energy for new accomplishments. She has enough sunk for the whole next winter. Until December, by inertia, she drives us all around the apartment with a stick, and from the new year she is not up to discipline, it comes time to plan a landing.

This time, with a huge wagon of Katul and plans above human growth, grandmother Stasya left early in the morning at 5:30. But here’s the bad luck, all the provisions for the first time she left in the confusion on the bench at the entrance. As a result, the grandmother arrived in the forest after 12 hours of travel with smoked mackerel, a pair of lettuce sheets in her teeth and two very angry hungry and somewhat angry with repeated katul men. What happened next with this company, history is silent. But I got the forgotten on the bench of provisions, in the depths of which – the neck on the kebab. Well, the neck, so the neck. Neck will weary to melt the fat.

Time for preparing: 1 hour 45 minutes (this is the minimum, it is better to marinate up to a day)

– young potatoes – 10 pcs.
– salt, pepper to taste

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