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Spicy beef liver recipes with photos

Today I want to share with readers of Alimero a recipe for making acute beef liver. This dish often helped me out when I wanted to make a good cold snack quickly, cheaply and simply.

This dish turns out quite nourishing. For 6 servings of snacks is necessary:

Time for preparing: 1-1.5 hours, if the liver is not boiled in advance, if boiled – 30 minutes.
Complexity: low

The amount of vinegar, vegetable oil, salt and black pepper can be changed depending on your taste preferences.

Cooking process

Liver wash, cut veins and blood vessels. You can soak the liver for a couple of hours in milk. This time I did not soak. And I was lucky – she absolutely not bitter.

Then boil the liver for 40-50 minutes in salted water.

While the liver is boiling, I prepare the sauce.

I pour the sunflower oil into a bowl, add vinegar, salt, and black ground pepper.

Add mustard. Again carefully beat.

Onions peeled, necessarily cut the root seal from the bottom. If this is not done, solid slices of onion can come across in the finished dish.

I cut onions in half rings.

I put them in a salad bowl. Add cooked sauce, mix and let stand 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime, take the boiled liver out of the pan. I chill.

I cut the liver along, and then each turned out piece across, on thin petals. Like this.

The thinner the petals are, the better the liver will marinate the sauce.

Add chopped liver to onions and sauce, mix well.

I put in the fridge for 2-3 hours, and even better – at night.

Before serving, you can decorate each portion with finely chopped green onions. This will add to the dish not only bright colors, but also complement the flavor combination of ingredients.

A good duet of this cold snack will be spirits or beer. You can do without alcohol – boiled potatoes or pasta.

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