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Liver in wine, recipes with photos

I have repeatedly published liver recipes in Alimero. Well, I love this product, what can I do. Who the same opinion, I suggest today to try the liver in red wine.

Liver – a very useful product, but not for everybody. I was lucky in this regard, since all of my family members use it.

Recently, Mom had a birthday, and her friend came, who is skeptical about liver dishes. But when she tasted the liver, which I prepared in wine, I went home with a recipe.

Any liver is suitable for this dish. The difference is that the chicken you have to stew less in time.

To prepare the liver in wine, you should stock up on such products:

The cooking time is 30 minutes, the complexity is minimal.

Wash the liver, cut into small pieces.

We take onions in the same amount as the liver. Cut it into half rings. We get the ratio of 1: 1.

A little more garlic for flavor and spices, preferably spicy. All mix and leave for 10 minutes, so that the liver sucked in all the flavors.

After a specified time, send the liver with onions in a pre-heated pan. Fry on high heat for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.

When the liver is fried, add the wine. We use table. If not, you can take any, as long as there is sweetness in it. Again, you can always add some sugar.

Liver in wine for 10 minutes. At this stage, you can add a little salt.

Liver is better to serve on the table in the form of heat. Some more vegetables for decoration and the dish is ready!

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