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Hepatic cupcakes, recipes with photos

I think that the idea of ​​unsweetened cupcakes that I want to offer you will surely be adopted by many moms from the authors and readers of the Alimero website, because at first glance they give the impression of a beautiful and exquisite dessert.

In fact, this is a baked liver souffle, decorated with mashed potatoes (with the addition of paprika and turmeric). So you can cook and serve any meat and fish patties, if you bake it in a silicone mold.

If you are interested in the idea, I will be happy to share all the details of such a design of the usual culinary combination – cutlets with potatoes.

For the preparation of liver cupcakes, we need:

For mashed potatoes:

– 0.5 kg of potatoes
– a pinch of salt
– 1 tsp. butter
– 0.5 tsp. turmeric
– 0.5 tsp. paprika

To decorate: cranberries

Time for preparing: less than an hour

Level of difficulty: below the average

Algorithm of proposed actions:

Fry cleaned and chopped onion until golden brown in vegetable oil.

Add the little man in the beaten eggs, mix and forget about the resulting mass for a while.

Meanwhile, grind chicken liver with a blender or skip through a meat grinder.

After we combine slightly swollen semolina with eggs, chopped liver and fried onions. Stir well.

We spread the prepared mass in silicone molds for cupcakes and bake them for 20 minutes in a preheated oven.

During this time we have the opportunity to boil the potatoes in salted water. Cooked potatoes pounded into mashed potatoes, add butter and split in half. Add ground paprika to one part and turmeric to another. To stir thoroughly.

Hepatic cupcakes extracted from the oven are quickly decorated with mashed potatoes using a pastry syringe and a cranberry berry.

Serve at the table while the cupcakes are still hot – then they are the tastiest of all!

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