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Universal lean tortillas without yeast, recipes with photos

Not sure how to make delicious tortillas for lunch or for breakfast? Do not worry – the issue will be resolved so quickly that you do not have time to look back. What recipe of tortillas interests you? If you fast, I offer cakes without eggs.

What is the advantage of lean tortillas? They are simple and easy to prepare. Now I’m going to tell you the secrets of making yeast-free flatbreads.

When kneading dough, you can add anything that only your soul wants. At the same time you use a minimum of products that we always have on hand.

If you do not want to fry in butter, no problem – you can fry the tortillas in the pan, adding oil to the dough! And in general, this beauty will never get bored, because cakes can be stuffed with something – an appetizer at least where.

So let’s cook now fragrant cakes for all occasions!

Time for preparing: 10 minutes for the batch, 15 for sucks and 10 minutes for frying

Complexity: everything is super easy!


We pour the flour in a bowl, sifting it before. Add salt to it and mix everything well.

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