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Saxon cheesecakes, recipes with photos

Cheesecakes – this is a classic dish for every hostess. Cottage cheese, as you know, is very useful, and cheesecakes are very tasty. Today, I suggest you give a new note to the old dish and pamper your family with a very tasty and healthy dish.

This option came to us from Germany, and I tell you, I settled down very strongly in my Ukrainian cuisine. I think this version of cheesecakes will seem at least unusual, and as a maximum, it will be grateful to those who try.

To prepare you will need:

Time for preparing: about an hour.

Such a procedure as boiling potatoes in their uniforms can be done in advance. Already from the cooled tubers we remove the peel.

Rub the roots on a fine grater. To prevent the potato from sticking to the grater, brush it with sunflower oil.

Cottage cheese carefully beat with a blender or grind through a sieve. If the product is very dry, add some milk.

Add sugar, salt, honey, orange or lemon zest. Mix thoroughly.

Combine the curd mass with grated potatoes. Add 2 eggs, mix everything thoroughly.

We spread the resulting curd-potato mass in the form for cupcakes.

We bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for about 30 minutes.

Light, dietary, with an unusual taste cheesecakes ready without much hassle. They can be served with jam, honey, condensed milk, and not a sweet addition. This dish will be a wonderful breakfast or dinner for the whole family.

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