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Lush cheesecakes with dried apricots, recipes with photos

Last year in our region, the apricot harvest pleased all summer residents. I then prepared both apricot jam and delicious jam, and even rolled up a few cans of juice, because I didn’t know what to do with the berries that I gathered in the garden.

This year there was no such harvest, but it is in our region. But my mom’s apricot trees were orange from the abundance of berries (she did not see, but I believe my word for the mother). She also started with jam, juice and jam, and when the cans were over, she decided to dry apricots. She took the recipe from her good friend, and she took it from a woman whose roots are in Abkhazia. Apricots are dried there in almost every home and use old proven recipes to get dried apricots.

Sushil them this year and my mother. Now she is visiting with me, so she brought a dried apricot together with other hotels. I decided that cottage cheese and apricot will be perfectly combined. And so it turned out the recipe for delicious cheesecakes. I decided to share the recipe with you, my dear readers.

To make cheesecakes with dried apricots, you need the following products:

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