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Flatbread with salad, recipes with photos

I read the recipe for making Arab cakes, which Nadezhda Andriyakhina offered, and got the courage to cook them according to the recipe from her book. They prepare not on a baking sheet, and on a lattice.

It produces soft striped cakes with a crispy and juicy salad inside. For meat and fish dishes such stuffed pastries will be very useful.

Despite the fact that I have already had a book for several years, my hands did not reach the prescription for pit. All the time it seemed to me that they would not work for me. Everything turned out to be much simpler than I thought. After a few hours I had an appetizing addition to the chicken.

If you also want to make salad cakes, you will need the following products:
1) For the preparation of cakes:

    2) For salad preparation:
    – Peking cabbage (quarter head)
    – lemon juice and olive oil for dressing
    – a handful of dry sweet pepper
    – a pinch of black sesame
    – pinch of mustard seeds
    – salt and black pepper to taste

    Yeast mix with flour.

    Add fresh parsley, mix the salad and stuff them cakes, cut them on one side (or in half).

    Stuffed tortillas should be eaten right away, as a juicy salad will soften the dough, so fill them as much as you can eat them right away.

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