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Flapjacks in a pan with sesame, recipes with photos

The pellets on my desk appear quite often. With this baking I replace bread. Since I also bake yeast homemade bread, for a change I also make unleavened cakes. They are great for first courses, especially for borscht.

Most often, I cook cakes on the water, but sometimes I make both onion and sesame. This time I have cakes with sesame, and even sesame oil. They are very tasty, fluffy and fragrant. I hope you enjoy this recipe.

For the preparation of cakes in a pan with sesame seeds such products are necessary:

    Cooking time with sesame: 25-30 minutes
    Difficulty: minimal

    To prepare the dough, pour kefir into a deep container and add to it a little salt to taste.

    Fry a tortilla in a pan under the lid. It will increase in size by 2 times, and the bottom will become ruddy. At this moment we turn the tortilla and fry it on the other side, also under the lid. During this time, the cake will grow and become more magnificent.

    Due to the fact that we immediately sprinkle the top of the tortilla with sesame, it does not lag behind the surface of the tortilla and roasts in the dough, spreading an appetizing aroma through the kitchen.

    Cooking and second cake.

    Ready to sesame cakes left to cool, then served to the table.

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