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Delicious cheesecakes with a sweet and sour surprise, recipes with photos

Have you ever tried to make cheesecakes with fruit or berry filling? I tried and was just fascinated by the heavenly taste of warm sweet cheesecakes with a sweet-and-sour stuffing, which was a surprise for everyone.

Many skills do not need to cook the usual cheesecakes. It’s enough to have:

0.5 kg of cottage cheese (better than homemade)
1-2 eggs
salt, sugar, vanilla to taste
how much flour will take (usually 5-6 tbsp.)
fruits or berries (I took apricots)

Knead the mass until a homogeneous consistency (you can leave impregnations – lumps of cottage cheese) and make cheesecakes.

At this stage, when in the hand 1 tbsp. curd mass, ready to turn into a small neat cheesecake, we make a cake from it, cover it with a half of apricot on top (a piece of any fruit or a spoonful of berries will do) and spread another 1 tbsp. curd mass.

From all this we are trying to make such a beautiful cheesecake, an apricot in which is safely hidden inside.

Cheesecake roll in flour.

And send to roast in a frying pan in vegetable oil until appetizing golden brown crust appears.

Pour the finished cheese cakes with sour cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate. A sweet and sour surprise awaits you and your family inside a cheesecake. Well, can not help but enjoy such a dessert!

Bon appetit, girls!

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