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Omelet with pita in a slow cooker, recipes with photos

I like to cook, but I do not like to spend a lot of time on cooking. I can not even imagine how you can cook something faster than using a slow cooker. I have repeatedly praised this technique, but at first I didn’t even know if it was needed on the farm.

After a while, I am more than confident that for a busy girl a cartoon is simply an irreplaceable friend in the kitchen. And do not be surprised, I call her so much and even say: Thank you! When she informs her beep-beep that breakfast / lunch / dinner is ready.

Indeed, I spend only 5-15 minutes of active time to load the ingredients into the pan, select the program, and then I do everything, anything, but not cooking. After the beep, I take out the finished flavored dish and gladly feed my home ones without words: Oh, how tired I am in the kitchen !.

Today I have a new discovery for you – an omelet with pita bread. This omelette is prepared very quickly, the ingredients can be modified depending on preferences and availability – in one word, a find from the rubric of a magic wand.

The following products are necessary for cooking omelet with pita:

    Put spinach and parsley on top.

    Cut into small pieces of boiled meat, red fish or ham.

    Sprinkle with cottage cheese.

    Beat eggs with milk and salt.

    Fill a little omelet mass on a layer of pita bread with filling.

    Next alternate layers: pita bread – stuffing – omelet mass, until we use the prepared products.

    The last layer lay out the pita bread.

    Send the bowl to the slow cooker and turn on the Baking program for 50 minutes.

    After the beep, take out the omelet on the dish. The dish can be eaten both warm and cooled, because to taste this omelette resembles a pie.

    Enjoy your meal!

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