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Omelet with nettles, recipes with photos

Spring came with its first greens, and I, as always, partially switched to pasture. Well, and at the same time the whole family translated. My favorite garden season and weekly (and even more often) trips to the village came.

At the beginning of May, I had already discovered how my beloved has been living there recently, and the lovage and winter onions, and gathered a young nettle for an omelet.

Nettle, or rather, soup of it, my grandmother went into the war of his seven children, swelling from hunger. I know this story from childhood from my mother and therefore I treat nettles with respect.

Fortunately, neither I nor my mother, who was born after the war, knew hunger. But nettle is also a storehouse of vitamins, and in the spring I always try to cook something from it. My family appreciated the omelet with this wonderful pot. Still nettle has not grown, I want to share the recipe with the inhabitants of Alimero.

Complexity: very simple.

Time for preparing: 20 minutes.

I want to note that you need to collect nettles in environmentally friendly places, away from highways, preferably in the forest or in the garden.

And even though I gathered in our village (there is simply no cleaner place), I first washed the nettles properly.

She put in a deep dish and poured boiling water for a few minutes. If you only knew what aroma comes from this simple weed at that moment!

I threw it in a colander.

When the liquid is glass, cut the nettle on the board. She threw out only the thickest parts of the stems, but it would be possible to leave them too – two minutes in boiling water are enough to make them soft.

Eggs broke into a bowl. Added sour cream and salt.

Not whipped, but just stirred with a fork.

Put chopped nettle in eggs.

Melt the butter in a pan and pour the egg-nettle mixture into it.

Cooked on the lowest heat under the lid.

When in the middle there are no areas with liquid contents, the omelet is ready.
Turned over on a plate, cut into portions. Try, delicious!

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