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Omelet with greens and green beans, recipes with photos

After the previous weekend I arrived from my mother-in-law with a package of green beans …

Such a large package. Let’s define it in the fridge, but it just doesn’t fit. The fact of the matter is that the mother-in-law not only rewarded me with beans …

But what about the young potatoes, and the carrot with onions, and the zucchini with patissons, cucumbers – a sight for sore eyes, the peas pods have already appeared. And without greenery, how am I without green?

And the berries for girls are just a little strawberries, and some more strawberries, and cherry and raspberry would not be forgotten, a bit of red currant, a bit of black, and white is still there … And the apples are already starting, and apricots have brought a neighbor … And three-liter milk jar, sour cream – half-liter and cottage cheese cups …

And as a result – the package with green beans doesn’t fit in any way, as I did not try to shove it there. It was necessary to urgently do something with her …

Well, I immediately froze the part, and with the second part I have been cooking all sorts of different dishes for the third day. The husband doesn’t complain yet – he eats everything obediently, even praises … He just still doesn’t know that the mother-in-law had called yesterday and had informed about his decision to cut off the whole string beans, because it was beginning to age. It will break, and I will dispose of the crop …

But it will be tomorrow. And today, for my husband, I made a delicious and healthy omelet for breakfast and added, of course, green beans …

For such an omelet I used:

Time needed for cooking: 20 minutes

The complexity of this recipe: reduced to zero

Cooking method:

I washed the string beans, cut the tips and cut them into 2-3 pieces.

Then boiled it in boiling and salted water for 7 minutes. Pushed it over a colander and rinsed with cold water.

When the water is glass, put the beans in a frying pan warmed with oil.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs with milk and a pinch of salt.

Added chopped dill and mixed.

Egg mixture poured already slightly roasted beans.

Omelet fried on both sides until tender. Enjoy your meal!

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