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Omelet with fried onions and sausages, recipes with photos

When I do not know what to make for breakfast, almost always there will be scrambled eggs or omelettes on the table. It is prepared quickly and everyone likes it. Especially pulls us to the eggs when we bring dozhetochek fresh eggs from the village, which supplies us with the mother in law.

She, accustomed to keep the cattle all her life, from which she has now left hens and a cat, does not want to completely translate the hens, citing the fact that then there will be nowhere to go. So he keeps, periodically beating off his charges from a hawk, fox or ferret, and takes care of them, and experiences more than he does about himself.

Just the other day our hens were battered by hunting dogs. My mother-in-law did not sleep at night, worried about losing a chicken. Fortunately, the frightened bird appeared alive and healthy a day later – apparently sitting in a secluded place somewhere out of fear. And we really wanted to run to the market for a new one.

Ingredients for scrambled eggs with onions and sausages for 3-4 servings

– 6 eggs
– 3 large onions
– 3 sausages
– greens (onions, parsley, green onions)
– salt and spices to taste

Time for preparing: 20 minutes.


To make an omelet, I peeled 3 onions. It seems that it is a lot, but in reality, the onions are very hot. In addition, in the onion omelet, there is no excess.

I cut the onions with feathers and threw them on a frying pan with vegetable oil.

While the onion was fried, I took out the sausages.

Cut them into circles, not forgetting to constantly stir the bow.

When the onion was almost ready, put the sausages in the pan.

Fire all together.

Added salt and milk. If you want to put spices, then this can be done at this stage by mixing them with the egg-milk mixture.

Mixed with a fork and poured eggs onions and sausages.

Evenly distributed the contents of the pan with a spatula, covered the pan with a lid and set on the weakest fire. No longer stirred.
When the eggs are completely thickened, the omelet is ready.

Powdered omelet chopped greens.

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