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Omelet with beet tops and cheese, recipes with photos

Today broke a beet in the garden. Since I have been using beet tops for cooking delicious dishes for the second year, I have now gathered the tops together with thin beet roots in a bag, washed out all this juicy and colorful charm, and decided to start making an omelet. Have you already tried to cook snacks with beet tops?

I remind you that I have already shared with you recipes for cooking Buckwheat porridge with beet tops in a multi, and also Salad with beet tops and spinach, and even Soupka with beet tops and radishes. Today is another recipe, and tomorrow I want to make a pie. I think it will turn out luxurious (I can already imagine how tasty it will be!). I will definitely share with you an appetizing recipe. But it will be tomorrow, and today is an omelet.

To make an omelet with beet tops and cheese, you need the following products:

    Time for preparing: about 15-20 minutes (as usual omelette)
    Complexity: very easy

    Since I have a large frying pan, and there were only three eggs, the omelette was thin, but it did not affect the taste, and everything was very tasty! You can take a small pan or make 2-3 servings at once to get a fluffy and fat omelette.


    First, take the eggs.

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