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Omelet Poulard, recipes with photos

The history of this omelet begins as early as the end of the XVIII century. At least, so says many online sources. I can not vouch for their authenticity, but I was interested in the dish … This unusual dish is a great protein omelet.

What exactly? First of all, the whites are whipped separately from the yolks and are joined even when the yolks cannot be considered raw … Also, perhaps, the fact that it is fried without any fat, just in a dry frying pan.

However, on the Internet, I found several options for making Poulard omelet. I do not know how close to the true recipe each of them. I chose just the one that I liked the most.

Difficulty: medium

Time for preparing: depends on the number of eggs and the size of the pan, it took me 45 minutes

Amount: 2 servings

The first thing I did was to separate the yolks from the proteins. As usual, getting even a drop of yolk in proteins is highly undesirable. Well, the reverse situation does not threaten anything.

I separated the yolks in a small, but rather deep dish, and the opposite of the whites – in a wide and spacious.

Squirrels whipped in a cool foam, as for meringues – to standing peaks. In the middle of the process, added half (of the 4-egg omelet calculated for a regular one) of salt.

Beaten yolks with salt and freshly ground peppers, then poured milk.

This mass poured on dry (!) but well warmed up pan. Distributed over the entire surface (like a pancake). It roasted on medium heat quite a bit – until the moment the yolk mass seized.

After that, she lowered the fire to a minimum and laid out the squirrels, leveled them with a spoon. Fried until ready. You can define it like this – touch the squirrel with your finger. If it sticks, then the omelet is not ready. If it does not stick and spring, you can turn off the fire.

I have a medium-sized frying pan; for her, four large eggs are a bit too much. Because of this, I had to wait half an hour until the squirrels begin to spring.

Ready omelet cut into two equal parts. Put them in half. Served in this form.

It turned out quite an unusual dish with a delicate taste! 😉

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