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Omelet Poulard in the oven, recipes with photos

To be honest, I love a simple fried egg. Not overcooked, and so that the yolk between the two walls of the protein remained liquid. But I also like to try new dishes from ordinary products. Therefore, today I decided to cook an omelet according to the recipe of a famous French woman.

And what, it is interesting to cook and it looks unusual. It remains only to appreciate the taste of this dish, which occupies a worthy place in the restaurant kitchen of France.

There are a lot of those who tested themselves in the omelo-popular field, but it seems that Poulard has his own. This is not surprising, because in making an omelet, everything matters – the number and freshness of eggs, the size and thickness of the pan, which oil is used – creamy, vegetable, or none at all.

Today I decided to cook this unusual omelet in the oven, since I, first of all, love the omelette cooked in the way of roasting, and secondly, in general, I like to cook in the oven.

For the preparation of this omelet need a thick cast-iron pan. If you have such kitchen utensils, you should try. I do not, so I took advantage of the glass form. I think it will not be a crime against French cuisine. Yet the main distinguishing feature of the Poulard omelet is that the yolks are whipped separately from the proteins. Here we will emphasize this.

Complexity: not difficult, but still an ordinary omelette is much easier to prepare. And you need a mixer.

Time for preparing: 30 minutes (depending on the size of the omelet).

Separated the whites from the yolks.

At first I took up the yolks: beat them with a fork with a pinch of salt and cream.

Poured into oiled form. Yes, in the original recipe, you need to pour the yolks on a dry frying pan. Maybe on a thick, old-fashioned frying pan, soaked in oil, it is not scary to try, but from the glass form I would hardly have scrubbed an omelette. Therefore, it is slightly greased.

I put the yolks in the oven, so they grabbed a little, and took up the squirrels. Beat them with a mixer with a pinch of salt into the foam.

She got thickened yolks.

Laid out on them whipped whites.

She leveled and set in the oven.

After 20 minutes, the squirrels became springy, which means that the omelette is ready.
She took it out of the oven.

Cut in half. Two pieces folded one on the other.

I cut it into pieces. One piece – one egg 🙂

In this omelet, whites and yolks are reversed. The taste is delicate, the texture is airy.

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