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Frittata – Italian hearty omelet, recipes with photos

My son and husband love to have a good breakfast, and that I just did not cook. But they are picky, and they always want something unusual. Today I turned to Italian cuisine and cooked a frittata with homemade sausage, onions, greens and, of course, cheese.

The recipe resembles the Neapolitan version, but then instead of sausage you need boiled chicken, instead of the usual cheese – mozzarella and parmesan and, of course, basil.

In general, this dish is so good that the fillings can be varied as you like. Spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, any greens, zucchini, etc. But I made from those products that I had, but using real Italian technology, and it is very different from the usual.

3 eggs
200 g homemade sausage
150 g of hard cheese
2 onions
3 cloves of garlic
a few arrows of green garlic
vegetable oil
salt and black pepper to taste
2 pans: smaller and bigger

First, I cut the sausage rings.

Then I crumbled onion in half rings, garlic slices, and green garlic rings.

Next, I grated the grated cheese.

I lightly roasted all the greens in a smaller frying pan over low heat.

Beat eggs with salt and pour it onto a large frying pan with hot oil. The fire immediately reduced.

She waited until the bottom layer grabbed.

Then quickly, until it was completely frozen, I laid out the sausage.

After a couple of minutes, I evenly spread the roasted greens on the already-set egg-sausage mixture.

A minute later I plentifully sprinkled all the cheese. She covered the pan with a lid, reduced the heat to minimum and waited 10 minutes.

The cheese should be completely melted. Some like to bake it right up to brown, but we do not like refried.

The finished frittata was sprinkled with green onions and served to the husband and son.

Breakfast was met with a bang. Still, like an omelet, but very nourishing and cheesy.

Note: There are recipes Frittat with milk and flour, but the classic Frittat is prepared without them, only from eggs.

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