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French omelette, recipes with photos

There are many different options, tasty and at the same time light and healthy breakfast. The recipe offered by me can serve as such breakfast perfectly or it will be an excellent and light snack between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner.

They say that the skill of a chef is estimated by the ability to cook a real French omelet. It would seem, what a commonplace. And no. At first, I had long been learning how to cook such an omelet. Translated a lot of eggs, she poured all the pans. But my scrambled eggs are still not perfect. I am only approaching him. This omelet is very tasty and airy.

To prepare this dish, we need simple products:
• 3 eggs;
• grated cheese (I have Gouda);
• Parsley, green onions and salt to taste;

Now proceed to the preparation of French Omelet, many call it the Paris Omelet.

To begin, put on the stove to warm up the frying pan with butter. Next, gently break into the pan 3 eggs and how to beat them with a whisk or fork. After that, add chopped greens to taste. I prefer to add green onions and parsley in the omelet, which makes the taste more piquant.

Pour the mass obtained by us, gently into the pan. Salt, pepper to your taste.

Meanwhile, rub the cheese on a fine grater.

When the omelette is almost completely fried gently so that the omelette does not fall apart into pieces, wrap the edge of the omelette on one side.

Sprinkle the remaining unwrapped part of the omelet with grated cheese and roll the omelet on the other side. Omelet is ready!

It can be served with bread slices. Good appetite! 🙂

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