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Curd omelet recipes with photos

In spite of the fact that the Internet progress goes at a fast pace and walks from year to year more and more with large steps, I don’t forget about ordinary notebooks and pens. For example, I led a culinary notebook, I am leading it and I will keep it. She is constantly updated with my new recipes!

Most often, very small lines and small recipes fall on new pages. In fact, they are fast. At the same time, their taste is not inferior to more difficult and long dishes.

Cottage cheese omelet – an excellent breakfast in any situation! Yesterday my husband was called to work two hours earlier than usual. What to do, you had to get up in the dark and cook something. I had half an hour of strength. Without thinking, I found a way out with the help of this wonderful omelet.

Time for preparing: 15-20 minutes

The necessary products per 1 serving:

First, break the eggs into a container for making our omelet.

Fall asleep sugar.

Then add ground cinnamon.

Whisk with a whisk so that all three bulk ingredients are well dissolved in the eggs.

Beat the whisk again, now more carefully, until smooth. You can make it a blender. It may even be more convenient. My daughter was asleep, and I was afraid to wake her up with a rumble. Honestly, I didn’t want to take it out myself, wash and clean it because of one portion of an omelet for my husband.

On the pan melt butter.

When it fully disperses, pour out the mixed mass before it.

We turn down the gas to a minimum, cover with lid and fry for seven minutes.

Then turn to the other side and fry for another 3-5 minutes.

I decided to cut the finished omelet into three parts and serve with a mandarin. I think that with any fruit it will be good. You can also give him jam, condensed milk, sour cream, yogurt and all that you like.

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