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Simple pea porridge, recipes with photos

Legumes, including peas, are a huge source of protein for the body. Peas are able to replace meat products. Pea cereals like to include in their diet vegetarians. Vegetable protein contained in these products has a positive effect on the work of the muscles and is the main source for their growth. Pea porridge is useful for athletes, especially those who are concerned about the growth of muscle mass. Also, pea porridge is necessary in the children’s diet, because it is so important for the younger body.

In addition, peas are rich in vitamins B, PP, A, C. It contains selenium, iron, potassium, theomin, isoleucine, leucine, tryptophan, lysine, fluorine, threonine, meteonin.

To the peas brought the maximum benefit it should not be mixed with starchy foods.

You should also not eat too many pea dishes, as they increase gas generation, which can bring discomfort. But eating pea porridge or soup 1-2 times a week will only benefit.

Today I want to talk about the recipe for cooking simple and tasty pea porridge.

Time for preparing: 1.2 hours

So, before you start cooking porridge, peas need to pour out of the package and sort. Remove possible pebbles and mote from the grits, discard useless grains (which can also occur).

Now the peas need to be washed well several times. The more transparent the water, the better.

When the cereal is washed, pour the cooking water into the saucepan. And put the peas on the stove. 300 grams of peas, I pour about 2.5 liters of water.

Bring peas to boil. After a while, you will see a large white foam appear above the peas. It folds the protein that is in the peas. This foam must be removed, otherwise all the porridge you will pour out of the pan.

After you have removed the foam, reduce the temperature and continue cooking, occasionally stirring porridge. This should be done so that the peas are not stuck to the bottom, and the porridge is not burnt. Do not forget to add salt to our porridge. I put in there 1 tablespoon of salt without a slide.

After about an hour of cooking, the peas will begin to boil over. The more our pea porridge boils down, the better it will be absorbed by our body.
When the cooking process begins to come to an end, the porridge may begin to splash, so it is necessary to cover it with a lid.

That’s all, our pea porridge is ready. Enjoy your meal!

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