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Risotto with oyster mushrooms and cheese, recipes with photos

The other day, I accidentally caught oyster mushrooms. So good luck! I’ll make a risotto with them.

I love risotto for its flexibility. Indeed, besides mushrooms, it can be cooked with seafood, vegetables, pumpkin … You can invent and find for yourself the perfect taste balance of a combination of rice and other products.

In general, mushroom risotto is on the agenda today. With my amendments, really. I hope the Italians are not offended 🙂

To prepare mushroom risotto, you need the following products:

    Put the rice in a pan to the onions and garlic.

    Roasted minutes 3, stirring constantly. At this stage, approximately 1 cup of white dry wine is usually added, but I do not like the taste of the products after the heat treatment with alcohol, so I immediately add boiling water so that it slightly covers the rice.

    It now remains to wait and stir the rice. And add boiling water – as soon as it evaporated, I added new portion.

    5 minutes before the end laid mushrooms, salted, added a mixture of peppers.

    Then added a piece of butter and grated cheese. Stirred up.
    Everything, mushroom risotto is ready!
    Enjoy your meal!

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