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Pilaf with seafood, recipes with photos

A boring winter always wants something like that. Especially if it is a holiday. I decided today to cook pilaf with seafood. These were frozen shrimp and mussels.

The dish will be savory, hearty and useful. Time will be spent on cooking a bit – if you take quickly boiled out rice, you will spend 20 minutes.

I suggest to take a job!

Rice – 200 g
Shrimp – 100 g
Mussels – 100 g
Carrots – 1 onion
Carrots – 1 small
Vegetable oil – for frying
Garlic – to taste
Salt – to taste
Spices – your favorite
Water – to cover the dish.

We first lay out all the products.

We wash the rice so that the water becomes clear and leave it in the water.

Defrost and cook shrimp and mussels for cooking.

Clean the onions and nastroyem, but not finely.

Washed and peeled carrots cut into strips.

Nakalim butter and run seafood, adding to them a minute after 2 garlic, grated.

Then add onions and carrots. In 2-3 minutes we will send here and rice.

We will level everything, put slices of unpeeled, but washed garlic on each side, and fill it with water – so that it is on the finger.

Salt to taste, add spices (in my situation – Italian herbs), bring everything to a boil, and, turning down the maximum fire, cover with a lid. Let’s forget about the swim for 10-20 minutes – depending on the rice.
Turn off the gas. But we will not open the lid immediately – let it be filled with aromas.

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