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Millet pumpkin porridge with candied fruit, recipes with photos

Our family has breakfast cereals. Firstly, it is very useful for digestion. And secondly, it is just very tasty and satisfying. But sometimes you want to somehow diversify the usual milk porridge, adding some bright ingredients to it.

So, my mother taught me to cook porridge with pumpkin and dried fruit. Especially good pumpkin combined with millet porridge. Bright orange pumpkin gives millet and a pleasant shade, and juicy taste. And candied fruits (it can be raisins, dried apricots, prunes and even dried pineapples) – sweetness.

Ingredients for porridge:

Cooking time – 25 minutes.

The difficulty is medium-light (the stage of pumpkin preparation complicates the usual preparation of porridge a little).

Millet must be well rinsed in water, and even better – soak in a bowl for a few minutes. The fact is that as millet is stored, fat starts to stand out from it, it tastes bitter, this oil gradually envelops the grain and it becomes just bitter. Therefore, the shelf life of millet is rather limited. In any case, it is better to wash the grain first.

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