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Millet porridge with young cabbage on sour cream, recipes with photos

On the shelves of young cabbage is already quite cheap, so it’s time to seize the moment and cook millet porridge with young cabbage. Previously, I always cooked it in a saucepan on the stove, but then I had a slow cooker and she, instead of me, cooked this porridge for the whole family.

This time the slow cooker was busy with my baking, and dinner was very close, so I had to remember all the secrets of making millet porridge, which my mother-in-law taught me. She has been cooking this mess for decades, and shared her experience with her daughters-in-law.

I remembered that I shared with you the recipe for cooking millet porridge with cabbage in a slow cooker, and now those who have not yet got a slow cooker can cook this porridge. I can only say that in the slow cooker it is much easier to cook this dish.

For the preparation of millet porridge with cabbage on sour cream the following products are needed:

    Time for preparing: about 1 hour
    The difficulty of cooking: average

    To begin with, wash the millet until the water is clear. Such a manipulation will relieve porridge from bitterness. Millet is sent to the pan with water, salt, add the butter or cream and send to cook.

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