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Millet porridge with pumpkin and a hint of orange, recipes with photos

Millet porridge with pumpkin has a thousand faces. Such a harmonious combination of tastes just can not enter into the anthology. Millet is useful, pumpkin is a storehouse, milk is calcium and life, all together is the perfect balance of taste … I cook this infant regularly for breakfast, but we all attach to it with pleasure. We love the creamy consistency, but this is, of course, a matter of taste. Like all the ideal habitual combinations, like the old ideal jeans, like scarlet nail polish, like brown eye shadows, like Eldar Ryazanov’s comedies – millet porridge with pumpkin is sometimes boring. It is necessary to update the acquaintance, add colors. This time, an orange and a walnut were invited to our tete-a-tete.

But a little, just for a moment. From the orange, we took the zest a little bit (it is bitter, so it is not very fond of it), and we sprinkled nut with walnut for a change along with the melted sugar.

I don’t know, probably, the mood is such a citrus, because we have been living in winter for a long time, it’s freezing in the street, it’s slush, but it’s always gray and bare. I want a piercing summer, I want aromas, vibrations, ringing, and then the pumpkin, sweet, cozy, so sweet or not so sweet. Such a boring pumpkin. Sits knit sock for the third month, monotonously considers the loop.

Time for preparing: 40 minutes

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