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Crumbly rice with Italian herbs in a slow cooker, recipes with photos

A few days ago I was cooking pink salmon with rice and vegetables in the oven. Of course, I shared the recipe with you, as the dish turned out very tasty and nutritious. In that topic, I mentioned that I used delicious rice with spices and herbs for cooking. Today I was cooking this rice again, but now I armed myself with a camera and took a series of pictures of the cooking process.

I suggest you join me and cook this delicious rice, especially since you now have a detailed recipe. This rice is perfect for a salad of fresh or boiled vegetables, as well as meat or fish dishes to make the dish more satisfying. If you are on a diet, then rice can be eaten only with vegetables – it is very tasty without supplements.

For cooking crumbly rice with Italian herbs in a slow cooker, the following products are needed:

    Time for preparing: 10 minutes
    Complexity: What could be easier than to cook delicious rice in 10 minutes in a slow cooker?

    To accurately cook for 10 minutes to cook the rice, you need to bring to the boil 6 water multi-cups of water, with which we will then pour the rice in the multicooker bowl. If you skip this item, then by 10 minutes of cooking you will need to add time for boiling water in the slow cooker (this is another 5-10 minutes).

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