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A simple recipe for millet milk porridge, recipes with photos

Want to remember your childhood? Or do you just think what dietary dish to cook, so as not to harm the figure? Cook such porridge as I cooked today according to a very simple recipe.

This is a classic of the genre. You take in the work of a few ingredients. And after a while you will have a chic meal in your plate – nourishing, wholesome, tasty, fragrant with a specific taste milk millet porridge.

To make porridge look like this, you have to work hard and keep all the points. After all, the croup must first be swollen, then boil in water, then in milk and only then reach readiness with the cooker turned off.

Yes, porridge is cooked longer than we would like. But in order to reduce time and effort, you can charge it from the evening in the multivarion. True, this option is suitable for those who have a large family. Well, I did the cooking in an ordinary saucepan.

Time for preparing: 60 minutes

Complexity: have to work hard, because we are dealing with millet groats!


Buying cereals in the store, try to choose the one that is fresher in time. Well and, having begun to cook, look through it, since see a lot of stuff in it.

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