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Spinach soup with vegetables and sausage, recipes with photos

Have you had time to buy spring spinach? We recently enjoyed the first green. Yesterday I managed to make a salad with spinach, and today I figure out a soup with vegetables for my loved ones.

In the garden, the spinach that I sowed 2 weeks ago only came to light. Harvest still too early, so I had to go to the market and pick some of the most crispy bunches of your favorite greens.

It is a pleasure to cook dishes with spinach, because it has no foreign taste, which means that there are useful properties, and the taste of the dish is usual.

Since I have already spoken about the taste of spinach, I would like to say that this greens cannot be the main ingredient of the soup, since in itself it is almost tasteless. In today’s recipe, all the flavor comes from sausage and vegetables.

The following products are necessary for making spinach soup with vegetables and sausage:

    Cut it into pieces of medium size.

    Peel and chop the onion.

    Council If you like fried soup, then take a frying pan and fry onion in vegetable oil. I wanted a light soup.

    In this case, add the onions raw.

    Cut the sausage into strips.

    Council It can also be fried with onions, or added as is.

    Wash my spinach under running water and cut it pretty finely. Add some olive oil.

    Add salt, black pepper and thyme to the soup.

    Fill the soup with water and send to the fire. Cook until potatoes are ready (about 30 minutes depending on the potato variety).

    Council Ready soup can be seasoned with sour cream, you can decorate the boiled egg and serve to the table in the form of heat. This soup can be called unloading. For men, it is recommended for the second to cook something more interesting.

    Enjoy your meal!

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