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Soup from leek and smoked chicken breast, recipes with photos

You have noticed that with the beginning of summer almost all the girls get hysterical – everyone urgently goes on diets and starts losing weight. I am not an exception – I also decided to slightly discard everything that I had managed to eat with such difficulty over the entire winter.

Now here’s a grill of vegetables, I wash down a smoothie and eat porridge without oil and gravy. And I cook a variety of soups. Now the soup is on our table every day. After the soup, I also offer a second to my husband and child, and I’re losing weight myself, and I have enough plates of soup for lunch.

I do not know if you are losing weight now, or have already managed to sit on a diet, but this soup is perfect for everyone, as it is light, albeit with a piece of smoked chicken breast (there is little fat in this meat, but a lot of taste). I suggest to try.

To make a leek soup with smoked chicken breast, you need the following products:

    Time for preparing: 25-30 minutes
    The difficulty of cooking: easy how to cook an ordinary soup

    To begin, clean the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Fill it with water and send boil.

    Eggs pour water and cook for 10 minutes.

    In the meantime, let’s do some other ingredients. Leek cut in half and washed under running water.

    Cut it into half rings together with the green part.

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