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Lentil soup, recipes with photos

I cook soup almost every day. And I have already accumulated a whole arsenal of recipes for various soups. And how could it be otherwise, because with all the love for soups, it is simply impossible to cook the same every day …

Or rather, it will be impossible to eat it, because it will bother you worse than bitter radish 🙂

Today I suggest you make a delicious soup recipe with lentils and garlic. It turns out he piquant and tasty. In addition, thanks to high protein lentils, also nourishing. In general, the soup turns out great.

So, for cooking soup with lentils and garlic will need such products (for a 2 liter saucepan):

    Complexity is very simple

    Cooking time – 45 minutes

    Cooking process

    First of all, I poured water into the saucepan (about 3/4) and set it on fire.

    In the meantime, took up other ingredients. I did not soak the lentils beforehand (I just didn’t have time), so I just picked it up and washed it thoroughly.

    In a frying pan poured approximately 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil and fried lentils minutes 2.

    When the water was boiling, I put the lentils in it and left to boil over a low heat for about 20 minutes.
    Onions peeled and cut.

    Carrots also cleaned and put on a grater.

    Potato peeled and cut.

    Laid out in a pan to lentils. When the potato began to boil soft, laid out a zazharku of onions, carrots and garlic. Salted, threw in a bay leaf and slightly peppered. Cooked a few more minutes and tried – lentils during this time must boil soft. Turned off.

    That’s it, a delicious lentil soup is ready! In a small plate, the soup was sprinkled with greens.
    Bon appetite!

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