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Fish soup, recipes with photos

Today I wanted a light fish soup. I don’t like to think for a long time, so I immediately set about preparing, especially since during the last visit of my mother, she gave a small gift from her brother – a couple of pikes, which he caught in his native lake.

Now I can only remember how as a child we learned to swim in that lake, waiting for a rainbow on the shore after the rain. It has long been these happy moments … Now it remains only to recall the children’s joys.

The best fish soup I’ve tried in my life is made by my dad. Today, I tried to cook such a tasty dish to please my family.

The following products are necessary for making fish soup:

    Garlic sauce requires the following products:
    – 2 yolks
    – Incomplete glass of unscented sunflower oil (better to use olive oil)
    – salt to taste
    – mustard powder on the tip of a knife
    – 0.5 tsp. vinegar
    – 2-3 cloves of garlic

    Also needed soup crackers.

    Heads of pike (or other fish) are placed in the pan.

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