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Cauliflower soup, recipes with photos

My husband and I can not live without first courses. Especially we love different soups.

But due to the fact that I don’t like to eat yesterday’s dishes too much, I cook almost every day. However, there are only 24 hours in a day, and after a hectic and stressful day there is not always time and energy to cook. Therefore, I often help out dishes, minutes. Well, or 15 minutes;)

And to one of these quick dishes, I can safely carry the cauliflower soup.

So, in order to cook a small saucepan of cauliflower soup you will need the following products:

Difficulty – very easy

Cooking time – maximum half an hour

Poured water into a saucepan and set it on fire. In the meantime, she boiled, started cooking vegetables for soup.

Onions peeled and cut.

Onions lightly roasted (about 2 minutes) in vegetable oil in a pan.

Carrot peeled. Naterla and sent to the bow.

All together she spasseravala.

Potato peeled and diced. When the water boiled, put the potatoes in the pan, and again brought to a boil. Boiled 7 minutes.
Cauliflower disassembled into small inflorescences.

She added cabbage and browned onions and carrots to potatoes. Boiled 5 minutes and checked the potatoes for readiness.

Potatoes boiled soft quickly, so I added canned green peas*, salted, added bay leaf and a pinch of ground black pepper.

* Peas can be added and frozen, there is no difference. Only then should it be added along with cauliflower so that it boils a little.

That’s it, the cauliflower soup is ready! When serving soup, I sprinkled with fresh herbs.
I really like this soup hot – just cooked. Easy, vegetable, in general, not soup, but a fairy tale 🙂

Good appetite!

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