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Pasta with eggplants, recipes with photos

And the eggplant season is gradually coming to an end … And somehow I feel a little sad.

But I still stocked a bit of them;) So for the next month I have enough eggplants. But when they run out completely, I will be sad for them for almost half a year, until the new harvest, oh …

Today, with eggplants, I prepared macaroons. And then sprinkled them with cheese and baked in the oven … It turned out very, very tasty!

Difficulty – making eggplant pasta is easy

Cooking time – about 30-40 minutes

In order to prepare eggplants with macaroons such products are needed:

    Laid them to the onion in the pan. Fried on medium heat – eggplants should be fried. In the end salted. Then in eggplant added sour cream.

    Pasta (I had a penne) boiled to the state of al Dante in salted water.

    And laid out already cooked penne.
    Stirred up.

    Poured soy sauce. Sprinkled with a mixture of peppers and ground paprika.
    Once again mixed. Put them still hot in the baking dish. And sprinkled with grated hard cheese on top.

    I put it in a preheated oven for 5 minutes – just enough time was needed to melt the cheese. In principle, it was possible to put in the microwave for a minute or two, but my form does not fit in the microwave, so I used the oven.

    When the cheese has melted – the dish is completely ready! It turns out pasta with eggplants very, very tasty.
    Enjoy your meal!

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