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Stuffing for apple pies, recipes with photos

Pirozhkiii … This is such a delight. With whatever stuffing they do, it is always on time, tasty and pleasant. Because the filling for pies can be completely different. And not only meat, fish or vegetable. Apples are such a blessed material for our situation!

Especially if the apples are real, not imported, and you yourself grew them and collected them. After all, the aroma from such apples, alas, forgotten by many, will bring back pleasant memories and, finally, hopes that we will once eat our own apples, and not those that have grown far and incomprehensible than processed.

If you have already mixed dough (even yeast, even on water and without yolks, etc.), prepare this stuffing. You will not regret!

Time for preparing: depends on the number of apples, it took me 45 minutes per kilogram

Complexity: everything is simple!


So, after returning from the village, where the son loaded me with apples, I immediately picked them up. And I advise you – so that the woman’s drop does not spoil the taste. Then, before cooking, I washed the apples well and let them dry.

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