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Sour cream with ricotta and jam, recipes with photos

No special efforts are needed to correct your mood, to raise it to relatives and friends. Just take and make sour cream. What only do not add sour cream! And this is very fair. This component is truly convivial – and with sweet products is good, and with the rest. Every time I try to diversify this delicacy. This time, I think, it has surpassed itself.

There is nothing complicated. Ricotta, in itself delicious, sour cream and any jam. They also will make the work on the five. Having eaten sour cream, you will be filled for a long time, and you will get pleasure. Let’s cook!

Time for preparing: it took only 10 minutes for my portion; if there are more servings, double the amount of time

Complexity: zero, because only measure and mix


Let’s start with the main character – sour cream. Immediately, I note that I had it watery. I know that in a home situation there, I wouldn’t need ricotta either. It is because of this consistency and changed the original recipe, however, did not regret. So, we measure the right amount of ingredient in the plate.

In order not to put sugar in the cream, I took the jam. Yesterday I cooked jelly and jam for the winter, I have a little jam left. I added it to the plate.
Mix all ingredients well. Try the taste. I had two tablespoons. Fragrant red currant has done its job. Well, we have to fill the tube.
I did not wait until the wafer rolls are fed with this delicious filling. They crunched so nicely! Imagine how delicious the cake will be with such a filling.

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