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Sour cream, recipes with photos

Sour cream is one of my favorite creams. It’s delicious, versatile, and it’s very easy to prepare; the main thing is to have a kitchen gadget on hand that can easily turn all ingredients into a homogeneous mass.

The simplest recipe for sour cream is a cream consisting of only two ingredients – sugar and, in fact, sour cream itself. I love this cream for its simplicity. But despite this, such a simple cream turns out very tasty and suitable for various pastries.

But these two ingredients can be added to your liking. In the summer, for example, I like to supplement it with currants – sweet biscuit cakes with slightly sour cream cream – this is very tasty and bright 🙂

Or with a raspberry or strawberry such a cream also turns out great. I usually use it for biscuits and various pastries based on biscuit dough, for example, rolls. By the way, berries can be used for sour cream and frozen.

But at the moment, unfortunately, I have neither fresh nor frozen berries, so I decided to use another, no less tasty addition – coconut chips. The result is not just a cream, but a heavenly delight – delicious, sweet, fragrant and coconut! And every time I prepare such a cream, I consciously stop myself so as not to devour it all with just a spoon;)

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