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Homemade sweets for 10 minutes simple recipe, recipes with photos

I would call them raw food if I didn’t offend them by accident. After all, there are their own rules. And in my case, it turned out delicious homemade sweets that will appreciate not only the sweet tooth.
Salivation is now swallowed in anticipation of a useful yummy, namely a dietary dish in the form of sweets, everyone who keeps the diet for a variety of reasons, but they are dreaming about sweets. You can, you can afford to sweetie. Only, firstly, within reason, and secondly, from quite useful ingredients.

Immediately I warn you that everyone will probably have their own pantry of such utilities. Therefore, the recipe, more precisely, the recipe conditional. After all, here and the amount can vary, and the ingredients can be taken any, namely – permitted to you.

I also like the recipe because it takes very little time. And that these candies can be stretched and stretched, and not eaten right away, even without getting to the core, and what is inside.

And the last. Products in the recipe from a series of those that have been forgotten. That’s the whole point.

Time for preparing: 10 minutes

Complexity: almost zero


This recipe was born to me when I found forgotten, forgotten dried apricots. She, once soft and gentle, shrank. It’s a pity to throw out, because a useful thing.

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