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Currant-orange jelly, recipes with photos

We on Alimero have a recipe for black currant jam with orange, and I make jelly from this berry.

Before, I only cooked the gooseberry in this way, adding to it either an orange or a lemon (it turns out such a grainy raw jam with an amazing flavor). Jelly with currant orange I was treated by a friend, and I was captivated by his taste.

Actually, at first you don’t even suspect the presence of an orange, because the currant manifests its bright taste and aroma in full, and only when you swallow jelly does an orange aftertaste appear.

This sweet billet is easy to make even for the reason that the pectic substances in the currant are a huge amount, and if you only grind it, it immediately begins to gelate. If it stays in the fridge, the jelly generally becomes as if gelatin was added to it – it stands on the spoon. In general, while the currant has not yet departed, prepare such a yummy for yourself.

Ingredients: 500 g of currants, 500 g of sugar, 1 orange.

We touch the berries, twigs, remnants of flower stalks we remove, we also remove unripe or crumpled berries.

Wash berries. I usually take a pot of water, pour water from the tap into it and immerse the colander with berries in the water, this way all sticky branches and flowers are well removed. They are light, float and flow away with water.

Berries need to dry. After the water is glass, I scatter them on a towel. If you need to quickly, after one towel becomes wet, change it to another.

From the orange we remove the zest with a special device or a small grater. In no case do we capture the white layer. I do not like the bitterness of citrus, so I learned how to oranges oranges.

It’s simple enough: first, cut the orange from the top and bottom, so that it can be put, then with a sharp knife cut off the peel, repeating the bend of the orange and grabbing the white backing. After the orange is peeled, cut the slices between membrane films. The collected juice is collected, we also press the remnants of the films from which the slices are cut out.

Dried berries, orange slices and zest shift in the bowl of the combine and scroll in the mashed potatoes.

Sprinkle sugar and continue spinning until sugar dissolves.

It remains to decompose the mass in jars, close the lids and put them in the refrigerator, where the currant will heal well.
And here is our snack – you want ice cream, you want tea, and you can have yoghurt and just a bun.

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