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Curd ice cream recipes with photos

In our family today opened the season of summer desserts. The first of these was curd ice cream. I thought that only a child would eat him, since in this dessert there would be more benefit than similarities with ice cream. I was mistaken – all my homemade, and I also, ate this dessert with great pleasure.

Now this recipe comes to my cooking book. You also suggest to get acquainted with the dessert, and already for everyone everyone can decide whether they like it or the purchased ice cream is more tasty.

By the way, I am ready to talk about the purchased ice cream for hours. No, not about its good taste, but about what products it is made of and where ice cream from my childhood disappeared. It is better to make this cool dessert by yourself than to buy a low-quality equivalent.

For the preparation of cottage cheese ice cream the following products are necessary:

    Time for preparing: 15 minutes.
    Cooling time: 2-3 hours.
    The difficulty of cooking: easy.

    For making ice cream you need to buy or warm soft cottage cheese. It is better to make a casserole or dumplings from grainy overheated cottage cheese, since ice cream cannot be made from it.

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