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Curd dessert with meringue, recipes with photos

Today I told you about how to make protein cakes. From them you can make a cake or dessert. I chose the second option. It turned out very tasty! 😉

Since meringue cakes consist of proteins and sugar, they are obtained rather sweet.

For my taste, even very much – after a few years ago, I reduced the amount of sugar in any kind of baking. My mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes – acquired. Children like diabetics are also at risk.

In sugar meringues without sugar anywhere! That is why all the other components I chose unsweetened.

Level of difficulty: in the presence of a blender and ready-made protein cakes – minimal

Time for preparing: about 20 minutes

Amount: 4 servings

In a blender glass laid out cottage cheese and poured it with sour cream.

Cottage cheese, I took 9 percent fat, and sour cream – 15%.

Beaten with a blender with a whisk.

She poured cocoa (classic powder, no additives).

I added raspberries to the curd and sour cream mass (if you plan to serve the dessert right away, then it should be completely defrosted). Carefully stir with a spoon, trying not to crush the berries.

Protein cakes broke into fairly small pieces.

In the creamer laid out a curd mass.

Top debris Korzha meringues.

Well, and it is possible to decorate with anything – marmalade, chewing sweets, multi-colored dragees or sprinkles. And you can leave it as it is, without decoration.

I put the dessert in the fridge at night, and in the morning we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast!

Unsweetened cottage cheese with sour cream and slightly sourish berries perfectly balanced the sweetness of the meringues. It turned out very tasty!

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