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Curd dessert Spider’s web, recipes with photos

The recipe for this dessert appeared in our family menu three years ago. Since then, we periodically return to it and do it for two reasons. Firstly, to get another serving of gastronomic pleasure, and secondly, to improve skills in its preparation.

Well, I don’t have to cultivate (I just don’t have time), but to my little helpers. They really like the process of creating a pattern on the dessert and they are happy to wait for the moment of mixing the components and the formation of this yummy.

So in this case, I don’t get very honorable stages of this fascinating process – to prepare and measure the required amount of ingredients, and then to wash a decent amount of dirty dishes after the culinary experiences of my girls.

With all the rest, the little ones successfully cope on their own – well, would you think pulled the mixer out of the curd-cream mass without turning it off? There are washing wallpapers on the walls, and everything is perfectly washed off from the fridge too … Mom …

So the fun mass and the result is also wonderful! Only with a pattern this time did not work out a bit, but I think that kiddies are forgivable … Really?

What do you need for cottage cheese dessert

Level of difficulty: given the fact that the children cope, I think it is not very difficult

Time for preparing: half an hour (for babies up to an hour) for preparation and 2-3 hours for freezing

First of all, I advise you to measure the right amount of gelatin and pour it with water to swell.

Now we combine cottage cheese, sour cream and sugar in a separate deep container.

With the help of a blender we transform all this into a homogeneous mass. Here, of course, my help for the children was needed.

Now pour the dissolved gelatin to the curd mass and mix everything thoroughly with a mixer.

We divide this mixture into three equal parts.

In one add cherry juice. For this I had to defrost the cherry beforehand.

In the second part, add cocoa and mix with a mixer until the grains disappear.

The third part will remain white.

Now the fun part. Each mixture allocate the same size tablespoons and equip detachable form.

We decide on the sequence of alternation of colors (this turns out to be an extremely important moment.) And begin to spread in the center of the form first 4 spoons of the mass of one color, then the other, then the third.

Then we return to the first color – now it will take 3 spoons, also lay out the second and third color 3 spoons.

Then 2 spoons of all three colors, then one by one. As a result, the mass spreads and turns out very interesting. Rather, it should work.

Here is the result of our experiences yesterday.

This is what a dessert should look like (this is our first job).

Now with a wooden skewer from the center, as it were, we cut the dessert into pieces.

This is what happened this time.

The result of our previous experiments.

In any case, it is very beautiful and tasty – you just need to wait until it freezes in the fridge!

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