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Creamy dessert with black raspberries, recipes with photos

Dear participants Alimero! I really wanted to tell you about one dessert, which I liked not only by its appearance, but also by its non-trivial taste.

I could not wait for the black raspberry! In my opinion, it is even more useful than red.

Maybe due to the fact that since the age of 9 I have been suffering with myopia, all the blue-black berries cause me deep sympathy)) After all, this pigment is present in blueberries, chokeberry, black currant and raspberries , best effect on vision.

In addition, all these berries are amazingly tasty! And also – beautiful. Therefore, the thought suggests itself to make a delicious dessert with them.

Level of difficulty: when using the blender – low

Time for preparing: action 20 minutes and in the refrigerator for 1 hour

Amount: 2 servings

Most of the time for desserts and cheesecakes, I take cookies Ghee milk. It is crumbly and tasty. This time was no exception.

Broke a cookie into small pieces and sent to the blender. With it, ground into crumb.

Butter melted on low heat. Poured it to the received crumb biscuits.

In wine glasses (bowls / bowls / glasses) laid out, tamping, the resulting mass. Sent in the fridge for half an hour.

Now put in a blender creamy melted cheese and sour cream.

This is also where the sugar fell. Its quantity can be increased if desired. I did not become zealous with this, because the cookies were initially sweet, and the black raspberry is much sweeter than red.

She took out wine glasses from the fridge and filled them with butter cream whipped in a blender. Again, cleaned in the cold for 30 minutes.

And now the easiest dessert preparation stage is berry.

Black raspberries laid out on a frozen creamy layer of dessert.

I laid a slide, but you can only fill to the edge – it all depends on your preferences and the dishes used. But I can say with confidence that there is not a lot of black raspberry))

This dish is suitable even for those who are afraid to eat berries in its pure form due to problems with the stomach. And still such dessert will decorate any evening – both romantic, and friendly, and family! 😉

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