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Cottage cheese souffle, recipes with photos

Do you like tender pastries? If so, then the soufflé made according to this recipe cannot help but please you!

This baking has many advantages! It is useful due to cottage cheese, milk, eggs, apples. It is soft, so that both old and small can eat it. She’s delicious!

By the way, this recipe is quite dietary. True, losing weight usually take low-fat cottage cheese. But I don’t treat him very well. The benefits of it are much less. I take only for baking and only when there is no choice. And 9% I like everything – and taste, and a good percentage of fat. So.

Beginning with cooking semolina. In the milk poured cereal.

Cooked without adding sugar. Constantly stirred. Removed from the fire with full readiness. Gave cool.

Cottage cheese connected with sour cream (if it is dry or lumpy, it is better to grind it through a colander or a sieve before cooking).

Now added porridge.

Squirrels and yolks divided. Squirrels so far put in the cold, and yolks with sugar just a spoon.

Added them to the total mass.

Apples washed, peeled from the skin and the heart, cut into small cubes.

Allowed in the dough, stirred.

She took the squirrels out of the refrigerator, whipped them with a mixer into a stable foam (as for the Megun), slightly salted.

Gently, piece by piece, squirrels interfered with the dough.

The form is smeared with butter (you can also sprinkle with flour or semolina, as the souffle will be tender).

The oven preheated, putting 180’C. Put in her form.

Baked about 35 minutes. Then she increased the temperature to 200-210’C and left to bake until appetizing color appeared for another 10 minutes.

Baby is ready! You can invite guests or households to the table!

Souffleshake is very delicate and pleasant to the taste with a wonderful aroma due to apples. Both adults and kids will appreciate this baking!

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